A notebook for Drawing, Sketching, Plotting, and Scheming.

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The Perfect Notebook For Engineers

Inspired by a love of Engineering paper from our undergraduate days, we developed the UINotebook to be the perfect notebook for creative engineers.

The Perfect Notebook For Creatives

Keep Your Ideas Close

The UINotebook is an idea notebook. Whether you're creating a mobile experience, designing a physical product, or calculating terminal velocity of a kitten, your ideas need to be recorded.

Engineering Grid

Inspired by engineering paper, the front of each page is printed with a grid that is dark enough to see, but light enough that it's never in the way.

Heavy Weight Paper

Each page is made of a heavy weight grid paper that is suitable for pencils, pens, markers or paints.

Stainless Stencil

Paired with a stainless steel stencil that attaches to the front of the notebook using extremely strong rare earth magnets.